Benefits of Yoga

Some of the Things you will Discover in our Yoga System ebooks : If you stay with yoga long enough, you may discover a "spiritual awakening" (for lack of a better phrase.)

You will find out that who you are, is not just your body, and not just the conversations in your mind. This is not dogma, but a direct experience.

Yoga will open your eyes to things you have not experienced before. It will take you beyond the mundane survival level and into a whole new appreciation of life.

Genuine yoga will change your life, your habits, your body, your health, your mind, your breathing patterns, your attitudes, your outlook. Yoga is about learning from direct experience.

You will develop wisdom of how your body works most efficiently. You will learn how your conscious and unconscious mind can either support or harm you, and then later, a deeper wisdom naturally gets revealed. There is more.....

You will also Learn that :

Yoga is not a religion at Eyes of the World. You don't have to adopt any beliefs, gurus or foreign deities. There is no conflict with whatever you believe in.

We are grateful to all the teachers we have studied with, yet we promote no lineages, no fundamentalist doctrines. We want students who question and challenge everything and take nothing at face value.

Yoga is not about strength and flexibility. You don't have to be flexible to practice yoga. Strength and flexibility will happen as a secondary benefit when you practice. The practice at Eyes of the World, is physically challenging, sometimes even "aerobic" in Level One and Level Two classes, but fitness is a secondary benefit.

You will need to practice alignments, breath and awareness many times a week, at home, in the car, waiting in line. Eventually yoga is an all day long practice. Then, you'll begin to experience its true depth.

Many people come to yoga because of back pain, sciatica, neck problems, breathing problems, heart problems, anxiety, diabetes, plantar fascitis, stress disorders, ulcers, addictions, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, or they want to lose weight.

This is a good thing. Because many find that yoga is so much more than the physical problems that they first came for. While yoga is very effective in alleviating certain types of medical conditions, these are secondary benefits. Yoga is not a medical practice, but it has been shown to be very helpful in many ways.