What Type of Yoga is Best for Me?

A simple way to answer "What type of yoga is best for me?" is, whatever you are drawn to. You will want to try different styles of yoga, but there are also different types of classes and studios. Every yoga teacher and class will be different, although they are still have the same basic ingredients.

First you will want to decide what exactly you are looking for. Fast or slow paced? Physically challenging or mellow? Are you looking for a spiritual class or chanting? If you have medical issues or any injuries you will want a less intense yoga. However, you may want to try something a little of your character. For instance, if you are always in a rush or stressed, a more mellow yoga may help more than a faster pace.

Next you will want to see what type of studios are in your area and what time the classes are. You can look for them near your home or office, but they will need to fit your schedule. Most studios will have a demo or trial period where you can try a class or two, without having to sign up for weeks of classes at a time.

If the first class you try isn't for you, don't give up! Keep trying different styles and you will find the one that fits you. There is no reason to limit yourself to only one type. You may want to do one or two, maybe even more styles for variety, both mentally and physically.